Retail Terms & Conditions


1. The Company shall not be bound by any purported variation of any of these Terms & Condition made by its employees or agents unless expressly accepted in writing by the General Manager & Managing Director of the Company.

2. The Customer warrants that he/she is the true owner of the article/s and lawfully entitled to the possession thereof. The Customer further warrants that he/she is fully authorised to make the contract herein, on his/her own behalf and also on the behalf of any other person having or who may have any right, title or interest in the article/s.

3. Customer is reminded NOT to send any article/s which have been in contact with infectious diseases to a public wash house.

4. We cannot assume responsibilities for colour loss and shrinkage due to fabric limitation that is beyond our care methods.

5. Article/s can only be claimed upon presentation of original receipt. Loss of receipt not reported within 24 hours will be at Customer's risk.

6. Article/s not collected after 30 days from the date of the receipt will be disposed off whether by way of sales or in whatever manner the Company shall deem fit, without any liability to the Customer.

7. Curtains/Cushion covers may fray, shrink, decolourize or be distorted as a result of washing or drycleaning. Curtains with rubber backing may peel after cleaning. Velcro tapes & zippers may give way, depending on individual quality. These or anything whatsoever unforeseen happens, are beyond the Company's control and responsibility.

8. Removal of stains will be attempted at the owner's risk and not guaranteed, the Company will not be responsible for any unremovable stains or damages caused.

9. The Company shall under no circumstances be liable for any delay (howsoever caused) in collection, transportation or delivery of the article/s, not for any consequential or special or indirect loss or damage suffered by the Customer by reason of such delay or by reason of any loss of use, profit, income, opportunity, custom or otherwise and whether or not the Company has or ought to have knowledge of the same.

10. Although great care is practised, the Company cannot be held responsible for any damages due to wear & tear, poor quality, workmanship and methods of manufacture of articles (including new article/s).

11. Any ornaments, special buttons/accessories whether fabricated, plastic, leather, glass, wood, or metallic should be removed by the customer before laundering or dry-cleaning. We are not responsible for loss or damage to trimmings, buckles, beads, buttons, shoulder pads and sequins, etc. In the event that trimming, buckles, beads, buttons, zips & other accessories that are non-detachable from the fabric due to the design, we are not responsible for the damage of such accessories during processing.

12. Our liability for loss and damage shall be limited to the payment of a sum not exceeding 10 times Drycleaning/Washing/Pressing charges charged by the Company in respect of the damage or lost article/s. Such claim shall be deemed not exceeding S$100,00. There shall be no regard to any intrinsic or inherent value of or in the article/s whether or not declared or made know to the Company. Compensated articles will be retained by the company as proof for auditing purpose.

13. All Claims must be accompanied by the signed original receipt. For delivered article/s: claims must be submitted within 24 hours. In the case of collected article/s, all claims must be submitted before leaving the Company's or its representatives premises.

14. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.